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Vehicles and Parking

Installation vehicle and parking guidelines

Vehicle registration
Available at NMII VCC office (Building 184).  Active duty members, civilians, and contractors parking on base for any reason must register their POV (Personally Owned Vehicle) as mandated by DoD policy.  Individuals are encouraged to update their registration every two years to ensure current information is on file.  Security can impose a penalty for non-compliance.  To register your vehicles, you must provide proof of base access eligibility, a valid driver's license, vehicle registration, and proof of insurance.

Restrictions – Unauthorized vehicles may not park in any of the following areas, nor may vehicles park in any non-designated parking areas to include:

  • within 15 feet of a fire hydrants or 30 feet of a stop sign or intersection
  • within five feet of either side of a driveway at any curb or parking end cap with restrictive red, white, or yellow marking
  • contrary to posted signs prohibiting or limiting parking
  • any manner which constitutes a hazard to moving vehicles
  • any manner restricting access to other parked vehicles.

Vehicles must be in a marked stall with a white line on each side.

  • Booting – Vehicles illegally parked may be booted.
  • Towing – A towing order will be issued for vehicles with excessive tickets, or have been booted with no claimant for more than 72 hours, appear to be abandoned, or causing a safety concern. Vehicles will be towed at owner's expense.

Please ensure current vehicle registration and insurance are stored in vehicle at all times.

All vehicles onboard NMII must be registered on base through NMII VCC.

NMII strictly enforces these policies, so please be sure you are in compliance.

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