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Mission, Vision and Guiding Principles

MISSION - Create a safe and secure environment for the fleet to train, repair and replenish.  Enable the fleet to project power from the shore.  Support service members and their families. 

VISION - We deliver superior, customer-oriented, responsive, and secure shore services and infrastructure to enable the Fleet to accomplish its mission. 


  • Ensure Security.  Provide security to personnel, equipment, and systems, enabling reliable service delivery to our customers. 
  • Operate Cohesively. Be professionals. Operate as a unified team. Leverage our diversity, collective talents, and dedication to work together seamlessly. 
  • Work Safely.  Integrate safety and risk management into all we do. 
  • Lead Decisively. Be decisive. Communicate with transparency. Provide clear and timely guidance and policy. 
  • Think Resourcefully. Find innovative win-win solutions to improve efficiency. Keep the Fleet, Fighter and Family at the forefront of all our decisions. 
  • Spend Wisely. Be fiscally responsible and act as trusted stewards of our nation's resources. 
  • Ready our People. Provide our people relevant training, development, and resources needed for outstanding customer support.
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