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Emergency Management Resources

Emergency Information/Base Conditions Phone Numbers:

Naval Base Kitsap:  (360) 315-4636 or 1-888-256-6100
Naval Air Station Whidbey Island:   (360) 257-1080
Naval Station Everett:   (425) 304-5665
Naval Magazine Indian Island:  (360) 396-5375
SWFPAC:  1-877-340-7926
PSNS/IMF (Bangor):  (360) 315-4321
PSNS/IMF (Bremerton):  1-866-291-1160
Naval Undersea Warfare Center - Division Keyport:  (360) 396-2553

Are you and your family ready for an emergency?
Disasters affect hundreds of thousands of people every year. It may happen at your local Navy installation. It may happen to you.
Whether you're part of the general Navy community, the Navy's emergency management team, or a potential partner in disaster response and recovery, you have a role in planning for emergencies---preparedness is your duty.
Please explore the links below to find information and tools to help you and your family prepare for emergency situations that could arise any time without warning.

Be Informed, Choose one of these to learn more:

Weather Forecasts:
The listed links will take you to the issued weather forecasts for the various bases:

NB Kitsap (Bangor):
Bangor Trident Base WA 47.72°N 122.7°W (Elev. 400 ft)

NB Kitsap (Bremerton):
Bremerton, WA  47.56N -122.62W (Elev. 0 ft)

NAVMAG Indian Island:
Port Hadlock WA 48.04°N 122.74°W (Elev. 0 ft)

NS Everett:
Everett WA 48°N 122.22°W (Elev. 0 ft)

Whidbey NAS (select one of the point forecast locations below):
Oak Harbor 48.29°N 122.62°W (Elev. 0 ft)
Whidbey Island Nas WA 48.34°N 122.67°W (Elev. 20 ft)

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