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Transient Personnel Unit Puget Sound



TPU Puget Sound Contact Information

TPU Quarterdeck:  (360) 396-1893/4239, Fax: (360) 396-4813, DSN 744-XXXX
Command Duty Officer Cell:  (360) 914-7937 
Legal / Adsep Office: (360) 396-4045
Personnel Office: (360) 396-2645/2647, Fax: (360) 396-1888
TPD - Everett: (425) 304-3866, Fax: (425) 304-3877, DSN 727-XXXX
TPD – Whidbey: (360) 257-1972, Fax: (360) 257-1974, DSN 820-XXXX
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Mailing Address:

Transient Personnel Unit Puget Sound
2019 Barb Street
Naval Base Kitsap, Bangor
Silverdale WA 98315


Transient Sailors

Verify your separation package:  Sailors who report to TPU for separation processing who are missing key documents in their package usually incur an additional delay up to 30 days.  This delay has cut into Sailor’s separation leave or resulted in the departure from TPU without their DD Form 214 and loss of leave balance days.

Involuntary Separation pay (ISP):  You are required to complete all ISP requirements 30 days prior to transferring from your command for separation (reenlistment contract or denial letter).  Depending on your length of service, this could be a significant payment.  For more information please visit

Utilizing SKILLBRIDGE?  SKILLBRIDGE is a no-cost to the government Temporary Additional Duty (TAD) assignment from your transferring command and the approved place of work.  TPUs are not allowed to gain a Sailor for separation until the TAD is completed.  When you are within 30 days of completion of your TAD assignment, you are required to contact your command to request separation orders. 


Current ROM Guidance (COVID 19):  Sailors who report to TPU Puget Sound with symptoms of COVID 19 will be tested upon reporting and ROM until results are received.  Sailors who are positive for COVID 19 will be required to ROM for five days.  Upon completion of ROM, the Sailor will be required to wear a mask for five days.


From Seattle/Tacoma International Airport (SEATAC) Airport
Go to the Kitsap Airporter Service Counter located at South Ground Transportation Lot Door #00. This is in the Main Terminal Building on the baggage level, near Carousel #1. The Kitsap Airporter will bring you to TPU Puget Sound (Naval Base Kitsap – Bangor). Shuttles depart every hour, on the 30 min mark. Boarding times are 10 minutes prior to departure. Visit the Bremerton-Kitsap Airporter website at for more information. The cost is approximately $39.00 out of pocket. Keep your receipts for reimbursement on your final travel claim.

  • Kitsap Airporter 1-(360)876-1737 or 1-(800)562-7948
  • SEATAC 1 (206) 433-5438
  • USO Northwest at SEATAC (206)246-1908

Contact Kitsap Airporter prior to booking your flight for hours of operation.


Checking In:

  • Check in at TPU Quarterdeck.

  • You will need Separation Documents including Medical/Dental records, military ID card, copy of orders and other required documents per the checklists.

  • Receive room assignment.

  • Check in with appropriate division.

  • Uniform of the day is NWU or NSU.

  • Report for work day.

    • Transient Department Musters Monday-Thursday: 0715, 0900, & 1300

    • Transient Department Musters Friday: 0715 & 0900.

    • Legal/Administrative Separation Department Musters Monday-Friday: 0715, 0945, 1230, & 1400 (Other times may be added as required.)

  • Work and watch assignments will be given out by departments.

  • TPU strives to processes transients as expeditiously as possible. The amount of time for processing is on a case by case basis.

  • Legal Department Musters vary depending on your status.

Leave Chits:

  • Regular Leave is typically not authorized due to the short time you will be assigned to TPU, but may be considered on a case by case basis.

  • Terminal/Separation Leave Chits from your previous command are void upon transfer and cannot be used at TPU.

  • You will have to resubmit a new terminal/separation leave chit through your new department upon arrival at TPU.

  • You will be required to return to TPU for all approved leave except for Terminal/Separation Leave.


IAW MILPERSMAN 1910-812, detaching commands shall ensure members have all required separation documents prior to affecting transfer to a separation activity. See chart below for a list of required documents based on type of transient Sailor.

There is a known problem with Adobe for DoD fillable forms and some instructions.  You'll need to save the form to your desktop (right-click on the link to the file and select "Save Link As"), then open the form with Acrobat Reader and then click "Enable All Features" in the yellow info bar to view the forms.











DD FORM 2648 

DD FORM 2648 

DD FORM 2656 
















DD FORM 2648 










Separation documents can be transmitted securely via the DODSAFE website for more information, contact TPU Quarterdeck at 360-396-1893



Q: What are the normal working hours at TPU?
A: Working hours are 0715-1500.

Q: Am I guaranteed to detach from TPU within seven working days with my DD 214?
A: No.  If you are missing any of the required documents in your separation package listed above, you will be delayed well beyond the seven working days.

Q: What are the reasons for these delays?
A: A separation physical (signed by a doctor and dentist) must be complete prior to separation.  If you do not receive a physical by Medical or it is not documented in their system, you will need to perform them at a TPU.  Scheduling a medical appointment takes time.  Your separation physical also requires a dental exam.  If either are missing, expect significant delays in your processing.
Other reasons include:
- Missing or incomplete DD Form 2648 (Pre Separation Counseling Checklist).
- Missing Fleet Reserve approval or Statement of Service.
- Missing or incomplete DD Form 2656 (Data for Payment of Retired Personnel).  This document should be forwarded to DFAS at least 60 days prior to retirement or transfer to Fleet Reserve date.
- Missing or erroneous Separation/Transfer Evaluation.

Q: What if I have a firearm?
A: Firearms or knives that are considered weapons, including display swords, are not allowed on Naval Base Kitsap (NBK).  You should mail them home prior to your transfer.  If you transport them to the area, you will be required to store them off-base.  Weapons that are confiscated on NBK are not required to be returned to the owner and per current directives are destroyed without reimbursement.  If caught with a weapon on NBK it could lead to administrative actions and further delay your separation or transfer.

Q: What is the TPU visitor policy?
A: Visitors are permitted Monday-Friday 1600-2200 and Saturday-Sunday 0700-2200. Visitors are allowed in the command conference room only. Visitors are not permitted in any room and will not loiter on the quarterdeck.

Q: How long will my processing take?
A: Separation processing time starts upon checking into TPU and varies depending on each member’s circumstances.  Our goal is 7-10 working days, however, heavy throughput and having incomplete separation documents can delay the process past 10 working days. We will get you on your way as expeditiously as possible.
If you have PCS orders to a deployed unit, your length of stay at TPU will be dependent on next available fly-out date or return of your unit to homeport.

Q: What uniforms will I wear?
A: The uniform of the day is Navy working uniform (NWU Type III) at TPU. Administrative Separation Sailors shall bring all uniforms.

Q: Is my separation leave and PTDY valid if approved by my previous command?
A: No. Separation leave and PTDY requests need to be re-submitted at TPU since TPU is your separation command.

Q: What are mustering times and what am I expected to do while at TPU?
A: Muster times vary depending on the department you are assigned. These times will be provided at time of check-in.

Q: If I am on restriction when I detached from my last command, will I be placed on restriction while at TPU?
A: No. Restriction time will only resume if a request is made by your previous Commanding Officer and approved by Commanding Officer, TPU.  Note – You are required to have a complete Sea Bag upon reporting.  Any missing items may require you to purchase prior to separation.

Q: Will I have to work while attached to TPU even if I am getting “processed out” of the Navy?
A: Yes. You will be assigned work either at TPU or to a tenant command on base. The workday is from the 0715 muster until 1500 Monday through Friday.   

Q: Due to HYT, I submitted a fleet reserve request and was approved to retire, but was notified of advancement. Can I cancel my fleet reserve request?
A: Yes, only if the fleet reserve request was submitted due to HYT constraints and your total active service doesn’t exceed the HYT limits for the next paygrade.  If your active service exceed your prospective paygrade, another HYT waiver will need to be submitted in conjunction with your request to terminate fleet reserve approval.

Q: Would I be entitled to Involuntary Separation Pay (ISP) even if my Rating is overmanned and I don't get an In-Rate reenlistment approval?
A: Per Military Personnel Manual (MPM) article 1920-040, the restrictions leading to No Separation Pay are grouped on the basis of whether the separation is due to normal Navy personnel force management, Navy quality force management, or member's career management decisions.  For the purposes of Career Waypoint (C-WAY), a Sailor must have applied and been subsequently disapproved for all available Active Duty application cycles in order to be eligible for ISP consideration.  This includes application for conversion opportunities for which the member may be qualified.  Any service member who declines training to qualify for a new skill or rating as a precondition to reenlistment or continuation on active duty, will not be eligible for ISP.  Review the MPM and consult with your command's Personnel Office for further information on ISP. ISP must be completed and approved prior to detaching your last command.

Q: Is Wi-Fi available at TPU?
A: Yes! Wi-Fi is available with purchase plans.

Q: Is there any A/C in the rooms?
A: No. Due to Washington State weather conditions we do not have a requirement for A/C. During the summer season, upon request, you will receive two electric fans to help combat the high temperatures.

Q: Will my room be inspected?
A: Yes. Daily. Rooms are expected to be inspection-ready at all times.

Q: Are laundry facilities provided?
A: Yes. 2nd and 3rd floors have laundry rooms, but laundry supplies are your responsibly.  There is a NEX and commissary within walking distance.

Q: How many people are in each room?
A: E-1 through E-6 is 3-4 per room. E-7 and above is 1-2 per room.

Q: What linens will be provided in my room?
A: Each bed is equipped with a bedroll (to include pillow, sheets, pillow case, and blanket).

Q: What should I bring to TPU?
A: You will need a Navy Working Uniform and all required documents.  Personnel being processed for Administrative Separation are required to have a complete Sea Bag.  If you are being housed in the Barracks provided, ensure to bring your own towel, toiletries, and a lock. These items will not be provided.

Q: What are other lodging options?
A: Other lodging options on base include the Navy Gateway Inns and Suites and the Navy Evergreen Lodge.  These lodging arrangements must be made by the service member. It is highly recommended that arrangements be made in advance to ensure vacancy.  These lodging expenses are paid by the service member and will not be reimbursed if government quarters are available. 

Q: What if I’m traveling with dependents? Can they stay at TPU?
A: Dependents cannot stay in the rooms at TPU Puget Sound.  Dependent travel to the TPU/TPDs is not reimbursable by the government for separating/retiring members.  If you bring your family it will be at your cost.  Lodging arrangements for dependents must be made by the service member and in advance to ensure a reservation.  Other lodging options on base include the NGIS and Navy Lodge.  Again, these costs are not reimbursable, meaning you will not get your money back in a travel claim.

Q: Can my pet stay at TPU?
A: Unless a certified service animal with proper documentation, pets are not allowed to stay at TPU. The Navy Lodge on base has special pet-friendly rooms for service members travelling with a pet. Other accommodations for your pet may be found out in town. One such kennel (McDonald Farms) can be contacted at 360-697-3647.

Q: Can I wear my flight suit?
A: Yes.

Q: How do I make travel arrangements from TPU to SEATAC?
A: It is recommended to utilize the Bremerton-Kitsap Airporter for traveling from Keyport Junction AM/PM to SEA-TAC. 

Q: What are my options for getting around the Silverdale area?
A: Most Sailors utilize taxis to travel off/on base.  Other options include the Kitsap Transit bus. Shuttle #34 picks up at Bangor Shelter 2510, located within walking distance of TPU, and drops off at the Silverdale Transfer Center.  You can transfer to another bus at the Silverdale Transfer Center to reach your desired destination.  Visit the Kitsap Transit website (www.kitsap for bus routes, times, fare, and other information.  A Duty Drive is available for transportation to official Navy appointments only.

Q: What if I want to complete my separation processing out of a different TPU closer to my home of record?
A: See MPM 1910-812 for guidance.  Place of separation requests must be made via naval message in advance and approved by the TPU and Chief of Naval Personnel prior to execution of your orders. Once you transfer from your Permanent Duty Station, you cannot be transferred to a different TPU and must report to the command indicated on your Permanent Change of Station (PCS) orders.

Q: Can I complete my separation processing at my overseas duty station since I intend to retire in the same location?
A: See MPM 1910-812 for guidance.

Q: Can I make copies of my medical/dental record at TPU?
A: No. The on-base liberty center offers copy services for minimal cost. It is recommended to make all copies prior to your arrival at TPU. Furthermore, you may obtain a CD-copy of your record prior to transferring to TPU by making a request with the medical facility at your command.

Q: What is there to do near TPU?
A: Visit the PNW website ( for information on current activities in and around the base. We also have a recreation center (Pacific Edge Outfitters) on base that has a wealth of information for current activities. Additionally, we have kiosk within the building with more activities and tours that are offered in and around the Silverdale/Seattle areas.


Q: Where is the TPD WHIDBEY ISLAND located?
A: We are located inside NAS Whidbey Island at Building 2641 Room 121 (old PSD Building, behind Convergence Zone).

Q: How do I check in after working hours?
A: NAS Whidbey Island Quarterdeck is located in building 385 (also called the White House.) It is manned 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They will stamp your orders and direct you to central billeting to get a barracks room if you need one. Report into TPD Whidbey Island on the next regular work day at 0700. NAS Whidbey Island Quarterdeck phone number is (360) 257-2631 for after-hours support.

Q: How do I get to my squadron if they’re deployed?
A: We will work with the ultimate command and NAVPTO to arrange a port call for you. TPD will provide you with tickets and an itinerary for your travel and travel claim.

Q: Will I have to muster every day?
A: Yes on normal workdays (Monday through Friday) between 0700-0730. We need to maintain accountability.  In case of an emergency or a sudden change in port call, we need to be able to let you know what is happening.

Q: Can I fly to my home of record for the weekend?
A: You must have an approved leave chit from TPU Puget Sound to leave TPD Whidbey Island liberty radius (250 miles) or to travel into Canada. 

Q: Can I take leave while at TPD Whidbey Island?
A: Yes, depending on circumstances. You must have days available per your LES (no one can go into a negative leave balance while attached to TPU, unless it's emergency leave). If you are awaiting port call (I.E., you are waiting to fly out to meet your squadron), a leave chit must be recommended by your squadron's beach detachment authority or the air wing.


Q: Where is the TPD EVERETT located?
A: We are on Naval Station Everett, Building 2000, Room 104.

Q: How do I check in after working hours?
A: NAVSTA Everett Quarterdeck is located in building 2000. It is manned 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Their phone number is:  (425) 304-3366.  They will stamp your orders and direct you to central billeting to get a barracks room if you need one. Report into TPD Everett on the next regular work day at 0700.

Q: How do I get to my ship?
A: We will work with the ultimate command and NAVPTO to arrange a port call for you. TPD will provide you with tickets and an itinerary.

Q: Will I have to muster every day?
A: Yes on normal workdays (Monday through Friday) between 0700-0730. We need to maintain accountability.  In case of an emergency or a sudden change in port call, we need to be able to let you know what is happening.

Q: Can I fly to my home of record for the weekend?
A: You must have an approved leave chit from TPU Puget Sound to leave TPD Everett’s liberty radius (250 miles) or to travel into Canada. 

Q: Can I take leave while at TPU Everett?
A: Yes, depending on circumstances. You must have days available per your LES (no one can go into a negative leave balance while attached to TPU, unless it's emergency leave.) If you are awaiting port call (I.E., you are waiting to fly out to meet your Ship), a leave chit must be recommended by your Ship’s Admin Department.



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