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Base Conditions

For Current Installation Status, Call:

NBK-Bremerton:  (360) 315-4636 or 1 (888) 256-6100

SWFPAC (NBK-Bangor):   1 (877) 340-7926a

NBK-Keyport:  (360) 396-2553

Naval Hospital Bremerton (NBK-Jackson Park) inclement weather hotline - (360) 475-5777

PSNS employees: Please contact the Emergency Information Lines - (Operational Status Recordings) below for PSNS for instruction concerning work schedule.

PSNS/IMF (NBK-Bangor):  (360) 315-4321
PSNS/IMF (NBK-Bremerton):  1 (866) 291-1160 

Local Weather Forecasts

The listed links will take you to the issued weather forecasts for the various bases:

NB Kitsap (Bangor):  Bangor Trident Base WA 47.72°N 122.7°W (Elev. 400 ft)
NB Kitsap (Bremerton):  Bremerton, WA 47.56N -122.62W (Elev. 0 ft)

NAVMAG Indian Island:  Port Hadlock WA 48.04°N 122.74°W (Elev. 0 ft)

NS Everett:  Everett WA 48°N 122.22°W (Elev. 0 ft)

Whidbey NAS (select one of the point forecast locations below):

Oak Harbor 48.29°N 122.62°W (Elev. 0 ft)

Whidbey Island Nas WA 48.34°N 122.67°W (Elev. 20 ft)

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