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Environmental Support

Environmental Mission Statement

The mission of the Environmental Division is to effectively manage environmental protection programs at Naval Base Kitsap. Adhering to the Navy policies contained in OPNAVINST 5090.1E "Environmental Readiness Program Manual" the Environmental Division is the lead in environmental compliance, planning, conservation, pollution prevention (P2), and remediation.

The Environmental Division is the focal point, point of contact, technical expert and liaison on all environmental matters throughout the station and neighborhood commands. Major responsibilities include: (1) to plan, program, budget and allocate funds for environmental protection (2) to apply for all Federal, State and local permits and (3) to develop and administer environmental protection programs.

Guiding Principles

The Environmental Division shall make use of the following guiding principles to accomplish its mission:

  1. Promote environmental awareness & ensure proper training at all levels in the command.
  2. Improve neighborhood communication through management systems and procedures.
  3. Effectively delineate roles & responsibilities.
  4. Ensure environmental factors are fully considered at the outset and in all stages of planning and execution

Continuously monitor performance with Federal, State, and local environmental laws, statutes, regulations as well as DoD and Navy policies.


  • Identify purpose and overall environmental objectives, review policies, develop strategic plans and management systems.
  • Implement programs that aggressively identify and address potential problem areas and emphasize a proactive approach to environmental issues where prevention rather than reaction is the foundation of environmental strategy.
  • Develop and implement systems to enable personnel to perform their function consistent with environmental policy and agency mission.
  • Develop measures to address and improve employee performance in meeting environmental objectives.
  • Develop and implement programs to evaluate progress toward meeting environmental goals. Use evaluation results to correct deficiencies and improve environmental performance.

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