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Security awareness and AT training are essential elements for overall mission readiness.  The objective of this training is to increase implementation of protection measures tailored to the level of the threat, to improve the ability to recognize threats and take appropriate actions to reduce risk.  All DoD military and civilian, direct-hire, foreign national employees, defense contractor personnel (IAW the requirements in their contracts), and all initial entry personnel must complete AT Level I training annually.  All family members of service members are encouraged to complete AT Level I training.  It is readily available through the Joint Knowledge Online website.  No CAC card required.




Naval Criminal Investigative Service Notice:


Sextortion is a cybercrime perpetrated against unwitting victims who are approached in casual conversation via social media and then seduced into engaging in online sexual activities. After fulfilling the sexual requests, which are recorded without the victim's knowledge or consent, the victim is threatened with public exposure and embarrassment if he/she does not pay a  specified sum of money to the perpetrator, usually through a wire transfer. Warning signs include the person encouraging you to engage in explicit video chat or exchanging sexually explicit images almost immediately after initiating contact or "friending" you. You can report this crime to, NCIS Hotline 1-877-579-3648 or Text "NCIS" + your tip info to CRIMES (274637).




Naval Criminal Investigative Service Notice:


The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has issued a consumer alert providing taxpayers with additional tips to protect themselves from telephone scam artists calling and pretending to be with the IRS. These callers may demand money or may say you have a refund due and try to trick you into sharing private information. These con artists can sound convincing when they call. They may know a lot about you, and they usually alter the caller ID to make it look like the IRS is calling. They use fake names and bogus IRS identification badge numbers. If you don't answer, they often leave an "urgent" callback request. Below are five things the scammers often do but the IRS will not do. Any one of these five things is a tell-tale sign of a scam. The IRS will never:


* Call to demand immediate payment, nor will we call about taxes owed without first having mailed you a bill.


* Demand that you pay taxes without giving you the opportunity to question or appeal the amount they say you owe.


* Require you to use a specific payment method for your taxes, such as a prepaid debit card.


* Ask for credit or debit card numbers over the phone.


* Threaten to bring in local police or other law-enforcement groups to have you arrested for not paying.


For details call the NCIS Whidbey Island Office at 360-257-3359.

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