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Emergency Management

Emergency Management


    The Emergency Management Program is established to provide several important functions to the Navy personnel both on base and to families residing off base.  The major functions are:  Hazard identification; Navy family disaster preparation education; and Response, Recovery, and Mitigation management when disasters do strike.  Hazards exist in all parts of the world and NAS Whidbey Island is no exception.  Being knowledgeable about what hazards are in our area is the first step in being prepared to survive them when and if they happen while stationed here.  All Navy families should visit the READY NAVY web site at:  READY.NAVY.MIL where you will find excellent information on how to better prepare for potential disasters.  Additionally, all Active Duty and Reserve personnel, civil service, and contractors working or residing on a CNIC installation are required to register in the Wide Area Alert Network (WAAN).  The WAAN provides a means to pass critical, potentially life-saving, information to you very rapidly.  When a disaster is imminent or has occurred, the WAAN system is used to notify you and keep you in-the-know; but only if you register.  Registration is required but is not automatic when being assigned an NMCI account.  Please follow the instructions below at the “Emergency Mass Notification, Recall, and Mustering” link.

    Look here in the near future for specific preparedness information and tips on hazards that may affect NASWI and the greater Pacific Northwest. If you need immediate assistance or have questions, please call the Emergency Management Officer (EMO) at 360-257-2287.

Receiving Emergency Mass Notification, Recall, and Mustering Information (How to sign up)

Learn more about being prepared:

Visit Ready Navy

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