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Emergency Preparedness

Although NASWI enjoys a temperate climate, severe weather, to include heavy rain, high winds, ice storms and heavy snowfall, has occurred.  Western Washington is also in a seismically active zone; earthquakes can strike without warning.  True preparedness for any type of disaster or emergency starts with the family and there are several things you and your family can and should do to prepare for these potential threats that can turn into emergencies.

Start at home.  Know where and how to shut-off the power and gas to your home.  Have flashlights, battery-powered radios, non-perishable food, and bottled water for all family members for at least 7 days.  Build a small emergency kit for each of your vehicles including a first aid kit, rain gear, proper walking shoes, water, food, etc.  Next, be prepared at work.  Have a minimal emergency kit at your office in case you aren’t able to leave for an extended period.  Have a formal plan with your family with details of who will do what if disaster strikes while you are separated; include a muster-point away from your home.  If you leave the island, be prepared for disaster while away.  Think, “what’s in my trunk and is it sufficient for me and my family if something bad happens?”  For more information go online to:


Make sure your property is financially covered.  Check home owners/renters insurance and ensure they are up to date.  If thinking about purchasing flood insurance go to:


Know alternative routes to work, home, stores, hotels, etc.   Remember to never drive through running flood water.  And, if you cannot confirm the depth of standing water, do not drive through it.   

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